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Ukraine and Serbia reached an agreement on cooperation in railway transport branch

      Governments of Ukraine and Serbia reached an agreement in branch of railway transport.

      “Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Government of Serbia Republic  on coperation in branch of railway transport” was signed in presence of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolich on 6th of June 2013.

       The Cabinet of Ministers approved this agreement on its session on the 3rd of 2013.

       Volodymyr Kozak, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine claimed that realization of the points of proposed agreement will allow to improve legal Ukrainian-Serbian basis of cooperation in branch of railway transportation between two countries and help to involve additional cargo volumes in order to more fully exploit the potential of transport infrastructure of both countries.

       Moreover, signing of this agreement will help to improve terms of implementation of cargo transportation between Ukraine and Serbia, and therefore, increase safety of international railway cargo transportation.


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