Branch "Center of Transport Service "Liski" of the Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways"

Container trains


The container train "ZUBR" connects Ukrainian ports of Chornomorsk, Odessa and Yuzhnyi with Riga (Latvia) and Muuga (Estonia).

The length of the route from Tallin to Illichevsk - 2 162 km.

Trip time - 84 hours.

A special tariff is applicable to ZUBR train.

The train is able to carry 20-feet, 40-feet and 45-feet containers both standard and high cube from Black Sea ports to Baltic ports and back.

The technology foresee a minimum of one departure per week, however the real current schedule provide three departures from Black Sea ports per week - every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The following stations are open for acceptance of cargo on container train "ZUBR":

  • Ukraine: Kyiv-Liski, Kharkiv-Liski, Dnipro-Liski, Lugansk-Liski, Odessa-Liski, Donetsk-Liski, Chornomorskaya, Novomoskovsk-Dneprovskiy, Nikopol, Zaporija-Live, Stahanov, Chornomorsk-Port, Poromna-exp., Chornomorsk-Port exp.., Odessa-Port
  • Belorus: open all stations that work with containers
  • Latvia: Riga-Krasta exp., Ziemelblazma exp., Mangali exp., Bolderaya exp., Ventspils exp.., Liepaja exp.
  • Estonia: Maardu, Muuga, Paldiski, Ulemiste
  • Moldova: Bender 2, Kishinev, Ocnita, Reutsel, Ungheni