Branch "Center of Transport Service "Liski" of the Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways"


Branch of the CTS "Liski" JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"


Branch of the CTS "Liski" is located at:
02 092, Kiev, Dovbusha street 22.

     Complex with total area of 273.2 thousand m2, includes the railway station "Kiev-Liski", where alloperations of reception and departure of cargo and container, olse there are two areas with the technical processingof up to 500 containers per day. At the terminal is open bonded warehouse area of 2000 m2, there are also two sites for vehicles up to 250 vehicles. Here is also a covered warehouse for storing various types of cargo area of 6000 m2, which summed up the railroad tracks. The terminal is equipped with a frontramp for unloading wheeled vehicles (including - piggyback trains).
     In the terminal may conduct loading and unloading associated with the processing of containers and wagons with the subsequent delivery of goods by road through the territory of Ukraine.



Branch of the CTS "Liski" JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" is located at:
02092, Kiev, Dovbusha street 22.