Branch "Center of Transport Service "Liski" of the Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways"


Odessa department of the branch

The Odessa department of affiliate is located at:
67665, Odessa region., Belyaev's district, Art. Usatove

     Odessa Department CTS "Liski" is a major terminal, which is a specialized area, where all operations on the receiving and sending of goods are, including customs ones, border control and other types of export-import cargo, that arrive by rail and by road from the Ukraine, CIS countries, as well as from the ports of Odessa region. Businesses located in the territory of the railway station of the Odessa-Odessa railway Liski, which has its own railway tracks, locomotives, wagons and truck scales, forklift trucks. It made all the operations of loading and unloading of cargo.
     At the terminal are:
             - Container floor, with the possibility of simultaneous storage of 3000 containers (TEU), equipped with gantry cranes up to 40t and on the pneumatic "KS 5363", to handle 20' and 40' containers;
             - Covered warehouse with total area of 8640 m2., Which summed up railroad tracks;
             - Increased road and area for handling and storage of bulk cargoes.
The terminal offers comprehensive services for the processing of container cargoes. All freight terminal facilities have the ability to simultaneously service road and rail vehicles are equipped with access roads and car ramps.
     In the terminal operates nine Japanese trucks carrying capacity of 1.5 - 3 tons  (KDMATSU).
     Department provides a wide range of processing and the accumulation of export cargoes in the station Odessa-Licky of Odessa railway in containers for further transportation to Odessa Commercial Sea Port (OCSP).
     From Odessa Port containers, with import cargo, coming to st. Odessa-Liski, according to a simplified process flow diagram, which is developed to provide procedures for removal of containers from rail to OCSP check point "Liski" (without issuing PP and PD), which reduces the cost of handling the complex.


The department is located at:
67665, Odessa region., Belyaev's district, Art. Usatove