Branch "Center of Transport Service "Liski" of the Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways"

Background information

Container trains and trains of combined transport

The center has a fleet of 20 'and 40' feet of universal containers that comply with international quality system standards ISO. The structure of container infrastructure also includes the Center for the rolling stock of container and piggyback. Because of this, in areas that are characterized by constant freight traffic center "Liski" together with Ukrzaliznytsya organizes the transport of goods in the container trains, which can significantly accelerate the delivery of goods, increases the safety of traffic and simplifies customs clearance. At the current time successfully ply container trains and combined transport trains on the routes:

  • «ZUBR» route Estonia (Tallinn) - Latvia (Shkirotava - Indra) - Belarus (Bigosovo - Slovechno) - Ukraine (Berezhest - Chernomorsk - Ferry / Chernomorsk / Odessa Port);
  • «Nikа» on the route of Nikopol - Chernomorsk - Nikopol;
  • «Khreshchatyk» route Odessa-Port - Kyiv-Liski - Odessa-Port;
  • «Dneprovets» on the route Odessa-Port  - Dnepr-Liski - Odessa Port;
  • «Kharkiv» on the route Odessa-Port  - Kharkiv-Liski - Odessa Port;
  • «Mariupol-Sorting / Zaporozhye-Left / Nikopol / Nizhnedneprovsk-Uzel - Izov (exp. PKP) - Slavkov»;
  • «Romania - Russia - Romania» on the route Romania (Dorneshty - Vicsani) - Ukraine (Vadul Siret - grainy) - Russia (Suzemka - Moscow-Tov - Paveletskaya);
  • «Viking» route Chernomorsk - Ferry / Chernomorsk / Odessa Port (Ukraine) - Klaipeda (Lithuania) - Chernomorsk-Ferry / Chernomorsk / Odessa Port (Ukraine) via Belarus.