Branch "Center of Transport Service "Liski" of the Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways"

Background information

The provision of specialized 20-foot containers for transportation of grain cargoes

 Construction of the container allows the loading of grain through two hatches located at the top of the container. At the side of the container there is a special hatch which permits unloading cargo without using any additional unloading mechanisms. The container also has full standard doors, which allow using the container for transportation of any kinds of cargo and cargo on pallets.


     The carrying capacity of the container is 30 tons.

     The internal volume of container is 33 m3.


     The advantages of transportation in these containers are:

- shipment accumulation at port terminals and other container sites;

- possibility of dispatch of containers by see and ocean vessels;

- possibility of shipment of small consignments;

- delivery of goods to Europe by rail without changing the mode of transport;

- absence of additional loading and unloading operations with cargo;

- the cost of transportation of cargo by the container is less than by railway wagon by 0.5-2 $/ t, depending on the distance.